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Toly's Auto Detailing Shop

The detailing services that we provide at our shop are unequaled. We are the premier shop that provides detailing services in the Sacramento and surrounding areas. We also provide free, no obligation estimates for our detailing services from our shop. Come by our shop and schedule an appointment for the detailing services at our shop or we can provide detailing services at your home. The majority of our detailing business at our shop is returning customer or referrals from satisfied customers. The detailing service that our shop provides has gained us a reputation as doing excellent detailing work.

Deluxe Detailing

The Deluxe Detailing Package includes Interior and Exterior detailing services

Car Wash

For our car wash service, our shop will use the safest cleaning equipment for detailing your vehicle. Our shop will use our own water and power, and soft space age foam equipment that won't trap sand and dirt particles. In order to conserve water, all of the equipment in our shop is controlled to turn on immediately when your vehicle in position and turn off when out of position. Toly's Detailing doesn't use any acids that might damage your vehicle, such as a touchless car wash system. Our car wash detailing services include:

  • Tire and Plastic Dressing

  • Complete Interior Wipe Down and Vacuum

  • Pressure Hand Wash and Dry

Headlight Restoration

Numerous foreign and domestic vehicles of every make and model are affected by cloudy headlights. Toly's detailing shop in Sacramento can restore or repair your headlights to a like new condition with their original shine. Our shop will take care of detailing your headlights and save you money over expensive replacements.

Interior Detailing

All of the interior detailing services at our shop receive a complete vacuuming and air purging in order to loosen and remove excess dust and debris. Our shop will clean all mirrors and windows until they are spotless.

Exterior Detailing

The exterior detailing services at our shop begin by providing a comprehensive hand wash, which is then supplemented by clay bar to make sure that all of the contaminants, such as road tar and brake dust are removed from the surface of the clear coat. Then, our shop will carefully perform a three stage buffing process in order to remove minor scratches and light swirls. Obviously, the trim, windows, door jams, wheel wells, tires and rims are all cleaned and protected as part of the service. In order to provide protection to your vehicle, our detailing shop will apply a final liquid carnauba wax.

Motorcycle Detailing

Our motorcycle detailing service at our detailing shop includes all areas of the bike washed and cleaned. The hardware will be polished, including the plastic taillights. Our shop will remove the oxidation, burn marks, road film, and bluing of the exhaust pipes. The spoked or mag wheels will be cleaned. Our shop will remove light scratches from the windscreen, and the saddle will be cleaned and treated.

Auto Scratch Removal

Minor swirl and scratch removal and surface enhancement removes imperfections in the paint, stains, oxidation, and light/medium scratches, which will result in a durable and brilliant finish that looks wet. Our detailing shop will save you money and time. You shouldn't have to waste your time to drive all over town simply to get estimates from many different body shops. Toly's Detailing can provide you an estimate at your own home.

Sacramento Auto Detailing

At Toly's Detailing, our detailing shop provides comprehensive detailing services in the Sacramento and surrounding areas that include:

  • Car Detailing

  • Car Wash

  • Headlight Restoration

  • Interior Detailing

  • Exterior Detailing

  • Motorcycle Detailing

  • New Car Clay Kit

  • Buffing, Polishing, Paint Sealant, and Wax

  • Minor Scratch Removal

The car detailing services at our shop that we provide include:

  • Tire dressing

  • Waxing the Vehicle

  • Carpets and Mats Washed or Shampooed

  • Fabric Seats Shampooed

  • All Leather will be Conditioned

  • Rubber and Plastic Dressed

  • Panels and Dash Dressed

  • Cleaning the Door Jambs

  • Vacuuming the Vehicle

  • All Glass Will be Cleaned

  • A Car Wash

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(916) 519-4891

5800 Auburn Blvd #6
Sacramento, CA 95841


Buffing, Polishing, Paint Sealant, and Wax

We also provide the absolutely best quality polishing and buffing services at our detailing shop. Our polishing and buffing services are far superior to any of our competitors because of our unique polishing process. We polish vehicles to a mirror finish that isn't unlike chrome on a daily basis. Each vehicle that we provide detailing services on might need a different process for waxing, polishing, buffing, and compounding. The condition of the paint on the vehicle determines this process. Some vehicles might need to be compounded and polished while others might only need a protective layer of wax. Therefore, you should put our experience in the polishing and buffing industry to work for your vehicle.

New Car Clay Kit

The clay kit and paint sealant that we provide at our shop protects and smoothens out the paint surface for between six and nine months. Our long term paint sealant protection service at our detailing shop is for people who want protection in the long term because they intend to keep their vehicle for a long time.

If you have any more questions regarding our services, feel free to contact us at anytime!

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