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Headlight Restoration in Sacramento

At Toly's detailing shop in Sacramento, we perform headlight restoration services and have the ability to restore or repair your headlights to a like new condition with their original shine.





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There are numerous foreign and domestic vehicles of every make and model are affected by cloudy headlights. Our shop will take care of detailing your headlights and save you money over expensive replacements. In the past, automobile manufacturers designed headlight lenses made from glass. As a result they were limited in the shape and the size of the headlights that they could manufacture. However, since that time in history, automobile makers started designing automobiles that have polycarbonate or plastic lenses on the headlight. This modification was primarily the result of the design change in automobiles, which became more aerodynamic and lighter. In addition, plastic was much less expensive to produce than glass. These days, this plastic material is the selected chosen material since it can be manufactured with unlimited shapes and sizes in addition to being very light, which satisfies the designs of the newer automobiles.

Plastic or Polycarbonate Headlight Lenses

While plastic or polycarbonate headlight lenses have their advantages, there are also some disadvantages with them. The primary disadvantage is discoloration as the result of oxidation. It is impossible to discern that these polycarbonate and plastic headlight lenses are actually a very porous material with the naked eye that will expand somewhat when these material get heated up. Headlight restoration Sacramento. Over time degradation of the lens will occur. The pores of the lenses made from these materials will result in road debris to enter these lenses whenever you having your headlights on during the heat of the day. Together with the combination of environmental factors that include harsh chemicals used whenever you wash your automobile, automobile exhaust, acid rain, and UV radiation form the sun, and debris can result in your plastic or polycarbonate headlight lenses to become oxidized.

Lens Discoloration

Lens discoloration is the direct result of plastic or polycarbonate materials oxidizing, which converts, shiny, bright, clear, headlight into a dull yellow tint that appears to be cloudy, hazy, or foggy. This oxidation process is actually unsafe in addition to being an eyesore. As the result of the lenses being made from polycarbonate or plastic materials, less light can pass through the lens, which means reduced visibility while you are driving at night. The owner of the automobile either had to buy some very expensive replacement headlight or deal with these oxidized, yellow, and cloudy headlight lenses that pose some serious safety problems.

Headlight Restoration in Sacramento

At Toly's detailing shop and headlight restoration Sacramento we have the capability repair or restore your headlights to a like new condition with their original shine. Headlight restoration in Sacramento can clear those yellow, cloudy headlight lenses by cleaning and polishing your headlight lenses. You won't have to purchase those expensive headlight lenses from a Sacramento dealership. Our headlight restoration Sacramento services can restore your headlights by taking of the top layer of the oxidized lens, which will restore that lens to an almost new condition. This is accomplished through the use of chemicals, wet sanding, or polishing the lens. The top layer of lens on the headlight contains a UV polymer that slows down or retards the aging process of the lens. Therefore, it is important to use a UV coating to slow down the discoloration or oxidation of the lens or use a polish that contains V polymers on the lens. You can avoid damage to your headlight lens by maintaining the lens through washing, waxing, and polishing that lens at least every three months and by parking your automobile in your garage or in the shade.

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Our goal at Toly's detailing shop in Sacramento is to exceed our customer's expectations. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. We have gained a reputation in the Sacramento area of being honest, dependable, fair minded, and affordable with our headlight restoration aervice.
The majority of our headlight restoration Sacramento work is either from repeat customers or referrals from other satisfied customers. We want to build a relationship with our new customers that will last a lifetime. Don't go out and purchase an expensive new headlight restoration. Toly's detailing shop in Sacramento can restore your old headlight to an almost new condition. We also offer free, no obligation estimates on headlight restoration in Sacramento.

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