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Car Detailing Sacramento

Our car detailing in Sacramento and the surrounding communities includes the exterior and interior detailing services.

Tire Dressing

Our tire dressing service will make your tires like new and very shiny. It will be applied by hand within minutes after your vehicle has been washed. It is a great finishing touch to your washed vehicle. At our detailing shop in Sacramento, we only use the finest tire dressing products that will last a long time and protect your tires. This tire dressing service will enhance the look of any vehicle.

Car Wax

Toly's car detailing service includes a car wax. We will apply professional grade carnauba wax by hand that are formulated to provide superior clarity, depth, and color. Your paint is judged on these criteria. This is the best service for newer vehicles that don't require any corrections to the paint. The wax products that we use will make it easy to protect your investment and are ideal for your paint.

Carpets and Mats Washed and Shampooed

All of the mats in your vehicle will be removed and washed. If those mats are carpeted, our car detailing Sacramento will shampoo them. The mats will remain outside of your vehicle until your vehicle has been completely vacuumed and the interior completely cleaned. Clean mats are the sign of a well maintained vehicle and make any interior look great.

Fabric Seats Shampooed

Grime and dirt always seem find their way onto the fabric seats of vehicles. All fabric surfaces will be cleaned and shampooed after our car detailing in Sacramento first pre-spots the fabric seats. The fabric seats will then be protected with a spray on protectant. It is always unpleasant to sit on grimy and dirty vehicle seats. However, you won't have to worry about that when we are finished with them.

Leather Conditioned

Even the leather seats in a vehicle can become grimy and dirty. Toly's car detailing in Sacramento will clean and condition all leather seats in your vehicle. We will remove the everyday dirt and the stains that are difficult to remove. We will then apply nourishing protection to prevent those stains from returning. Clean leather seats make the interior of any vehicle look much better.

Rubber and Plastic Dressed

The rubber and plastic items are often abused and neglected. With the exposure to UV radiation and age rubber and plastic items in the interior of your vehicle can become brittle and fade. In order to keep them like new, rubber and plastic surfaces in your vehicle need require regular cleaning and protection. At Toly's car detailing Sacramento shop, we use a low gloss rubber and plastic dressing that won't feel sticky to the touch or attract dust.

Panels and Dash Dressed

The door panels and the dash in your vehicle are two of the most prominent features in your vehicle. We will clean, condition, and protect your door panels and dash in your vehicle. This service by car detailing Sacramento will increase the value of your vehicle by making the two most prominent features in your vehicle look like new again.

Door Jambs

Many purposes are served by the door jamb in your vehicle, which take a considerable amount of abuse and are also often neglected. They shield passenger and drive from temperatures, wind and the outside elements, and also provide a seal between the body and the door of your vehicle. Prior to washing your vehicle we will clean the door jambs in your vehicle and remove all of the grime and dirt that they have collected over the years.


The carpet on the floorboard of your vehicle is usually the first item to get stained and dirty. We have many different industrial strength vacuums at our car detailing shop in Sacramento that include a shampoo and fragrance machine that will return the carpet in your vehicle to a new condition.


With the laid back windshields and rear glass in modern vehicles, cleaning all of the glass in a vehicle can be difficult. However, clean glass will help you drive better, in addition to looking better. We will use a safe glass cleaning product that will leave your glass sparkling clean, without any streaks.

Car Wash

We use safest cleaning products to wash your vehicle, our own water and power, and soft space age foam equipment that won't trap sand and dirt particles. In order to conserve water, all of our equipment is controlled to turn on immediately whenever your vehicle is in position and turn off whenever your vehicle is out of position. We don't use any acids at Toly's Detailing in Sacramento that might damage your vehicle, such as a touchless car wash system.

Our car wash services in Sacramento include:
  • Tries and plastic Items Dressed
  • Complete Wipe Down and Vacuuming of the Interior of your vehicle
  • Pressure Hand Wash and Dry

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