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Buffing, Polishing, Paint Sealant, Waxing

All exterior vehicle detailing waxing includes buffing, polishing, paint sealant, and waxing, as well as detailing after receiving a through hand wash and chamois dry, that includes the application of clay in order to remove environmental fallout, road grime, tar, bug removal, as well as cleaning of the tires and wheels.


Claying will allow the sealants or wax to last longer and adhere better, while deep cleaning the pores of the paint. As the result of the hard water deposits in California, claying the paint is particularly important. Tires and exterior rubber trim will be dressed and conditioned to an almost new condition. All detailing services also receive cleaning of the interior mirrors, windows, as well as vacuuming the interior.

Headlight Restoration

In addition to our buffing, polishing, paint sealant, and waxing services, we also offer our headlight restoration service. When driving at night, this service will improve your visibility at night by as much as 95%. It is a safety hazard to drive with foggy or yellowed lenses. This three step process will clean, protect as well as restore your lenses for greater safety, visibility and visual clarity. In addition, it is much less expensive than replacing your headlight lens.
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Paint Sealant Protection

Our paint sealant protection service is for those vehicle owners who intend to keep their vehicles in the foreseeable future and they want long term protection for their paint. Our paint sealant could be used rather than using wax because it actually bonds an invisible shield of polymer protection that will protect the paint on your vehicle from the damaging UV radiation from the sun as well as other environmental elements. This paint sealant will protect the paint on your vehicle for as long as one year. First, your vehicle will be professionally machine buffed using our buffing process that uses special resins, glazes, which polishes to restore your paint back to nearly to its original luster.

3 Stage Polishing

In addition to our buffing, polishing, paint sealant, and waxing detailing service, we also offer a polishing service that requires two stages, which is designed correct medium to minor paint imperfections such as oxidation as well as light scratches. First your vehicle will be expertly machine buffed using our buffing process that uses special resins, glazes, as well as polishes to rejuvenate the paint on your vehicle to nearly its original luster. Our waxing machine will leave a brilliant shine that looks wet, which will protect for as long as six months.

We also offer a one-step exterior polishing service is for later model vehicles that have their paint, which doesn't need any correction and is in very good shape. After the vehicle is prepped as well as washed, we will provide a generous amount of our premium wax and apply it with a machine that lasts for as long as three months and leaves a brilliant shine.

Stage 1:
This 1-stage buff essentially corrects the paint.
  • Spider-web scratches
  • Oxidation
  • Haze
  • Minor scratches

Stage 2
2nd Stage buff cleans up any spider webs, enhances color, and adds high gloss shine. At this time, your vehicle's paint is pretty much done, but we are from from being done

Stage 3
Third Stage Buff is wax for protection against sun damage, and other contaminants, and water repellent.

Trim, Front Fascia, Tire, Wheel Well, and Wheel Detailing

In addition to our other detailing services, we also provide trim, front fascia, tire, wheel well, and wheel detailing. These components will first be presoaked, scrubbed as well as rinsed to loosen as well as remove any bug splatter residue, grease, grime, and dirt. Then a considerable amount of vehicle car wash soap suds that contain a special polymer with a lamb's wool mitt will be used to wash the vehicle, which will be left with a dazzling, sparkling shine. All exterior vinyl and rubber trim will be treated until they look almost new. The steering column as well as the dash will be wet dusted and special attention paid to cleaning the window tips, windows, as well as the mirrors. The interior will also be is vacuumed.

Paint Overspray

These days, many vehicles are subjected to paint overspray from freshly painted roadways, buildings, and bridges. This overspray can imbed itself deep into the clear coat making it nearly impossible to remove if it is left alone. However, our claying process will easily remove most paint overspray safely and quickly. Following this process, we recommend one of our exterior protection services. We are also mobile as well as offer free, no obligation estimates at your location or at our shop.

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