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Motorcycle Detailing

Detailing a motorcycle can be a challenge, and require an extensive array of waxes, sealants, tar removers, degreasers, metal polishes, and polishes. Motorcycle enthusiasts have always known the rewards and the pitfalls of properly maintaining the aesthetics of their motorcycles. Toly’s motorcycle detailing in Sacramento understands that detailing a motorcycle makes bikers very happy.

Products, Skills & Knowledge

We have the products, skills, and knowledge required to bring your motorcycle back to showroom condition, regardless if your motorcycle is covered by painted plastic or has lots of chrome. We spend as much time detailing a motorcycle as we do detailing a four door sedan. A bike has numerous intricate parts that have to be cleaned meticulously.

Showroom Condition

First, your motorcycle will have the surface contaminants and dirt removed using a low pressure rinse. Degreaser will be sprayed on the motorcycle and permitted to stay on the wheels, bottom of the motorcycle, and on the engine, to remove any grease, oils, or road tar. The motorcycle will then be hand washed using a fine bike shampoo and a lamb’s wool mitt being very careful not to scratch the motorcycle detailing Sacramento. The motorcycle will then be thoroughly blown dry and wiped down to make sure that there aren’t any streaks or spots remaining.

We will then apply a liquid carnauba wax to the paintwork on the bike, once it has been washed and dried. This wax provides protection from the elements and creates that glossy shine. Regardless if your motorcycle is a show bike or a daily rider, we will then inspect your entire motorcycle and get the grime out using a toothbrush. Regardless if they are metal or plastic, we will machine polish all painted parts of the motorcycle. After the polish has been applied, the wax will then applied. All of the polished aluminum and chrome will be polished to a mirror shine. Toly’s motorcycle detailing Sacramento spends numerous amounts of hours to make sure that the bike will look like a show winner.

Detail Regularly

Your bike needs to be detailed regularly much the same as your truck or automobile. You might not have the knowhow or any extra time in your busy work week. All bikes are different and require a considerable amount of attention to detail in order to keep the same showroom condition as when it was new. Usually Harley Davidson motorcycles have more chrome that requires regular polishing in order to maintain the shine. Some other bikes might have more paint and much the same as an automobile needs to be waxed and buffed. Because it can result in a slip and fall accident, we never use tire shine on your motorcycle’s tires. In order to reduce any water spots and the motorcycle’s engine running smoothly we always completely blow out all of the water once the bike has been washed.

Motorcycle Detailing in Sacramento

You shouldn’t trust you motorcycle detailing job to to just anybody because it is another discipline that requires time in order to be mastered. We know exactly what it takes to have your bike look just right, because we have numerous years of experience detailing different kinds of bikes. We provide you with the best possible results by only using the right chemicals and the right cleaning products.

Toly’s Motorcycle Detailing Sacramento is the premier detailing shop in the greater Sacramento and surrounding areas. We have gained a reputation of being dependable, honest, and fair. The majority of our motorcycle detailing business comes from repeat customers or referrals from other satisfied customers. We are also mobile and can provide you with a free, no obligation at your location, or at our shop.

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