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Interior Detailing

All of the interior detailing services at Interior Detailing in Sacramento offered by Toly's detailing shop include a complete vacuuming and air purging in order to loosen and remove excess dust and debris. Our shop in Sacramento will clean all mirrors and windows until they are spotless.

Complete Interior Detailing Sacramento

The interior of your vehicle will first be vacuumed and purged of air, in order to remove dirt, dust as well as other debris from the interior of your vehicle including the difficult to access crevices and cracks and the floorboards. Along with the trim, vinyl and leather parts will be detailed and treated so that they look like new and special attention will be given to the pockets, consoles, door panels, as well as the dash board. Then the carpet and upholstery of the interior will be pre-spotted and the carpet will be hand shampooed and then deep cleaned in order to remove the ground in dirt, grime, and stale orders with a heated extractor. The vehicle interior detailing sacramento cleaning products we use contain optical brighteners and balanced ph. Our Interior Detailing in Sacramento will also clean both interior and exterior windows and in addition, the gauges will also be detailed. There are many different fragrances to select from.

Recreating the Manufactures Look and Feel

Our interior automotive detailing technicians in Sacramento will treat all cloth material by all professional means such as vacuuming, scrubbing, shampooing, and extracting in order to remove grime and stains, regardless if your interior simply needs a good cleaning or it is completely trashed. We can also dye your carpets at no additional charge using a water based dye. Our complete interior automotive detailing services in Sacramento include that all of the vents, compartments, windows, headliner, door panels, center console, and dash, which will be completely cleaned to make sure that every crack and crevice is consistent with our final inspection quality standards. We are committed to recreating the manufacturer's feel and look of the Interior, as opposed to greasy plastic surfaces and slippery seats. You shouldn't worry if the steering wheel is worn, the plastic is scratched, or the leather is torn because we can rejuvenate those items as well.

Toly’s Vinyl, Leather, Plastic Repair

Toly’s Detailing provides cost efficient ways to make your plastic, leather, vinyl seats look new again! Our technicians professionally can restore cracks, tears, scuffs, stains, holes, and fades. We will save you hundreds of dollars from reupholstering your seats and improve the value of your vehicle.

Detailing Fabric Protection

Our detailing fabric protection solution will bead up the liquid on the fabric being treated, rather than the pesky liquid absorbing into the carpets and staining them. Unlike other water based cleaning products, it also won't wash off and will effectively repels things such as water, juice, soft drinks, milk, mull, coffee, and other similar liquids. This allows the fabric to retain its natural appearance and texture. The vinyl and leather detailing protectant will condition all of the surfaces. It will help to preserve and protect that new and soft feel and will effectively retaliate against spills, stains, and moisture.

We Don't Cut any Corners

We can definitely accommodate any specific area that is bothering you, although every crack and crevice doesn't always require detailing attention. Some stains do require more thorough cleaning methods remove. Without leaving any residue behind, we can also professionally remove window tint. It is extremely important to be careful, particularly when it comes to the tint removal on the back window where the defroster lines exist.


Carpets usually make stains more noticeable and fade through years of normal wear and tear. At Interior Detailing Sacramento our vehicle interior detailing services includes the use of our water base dyeing technique that will rejuvenate the carpet to its original color. We also offer free, no obligation, on site, or at our shop, estimates.

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