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Exterior Detailing

At Toly's Detailing, our exterior detailing service provide the premier detailing services in the greater Sacramento metropolitan and surrounding areas. They will begin by performing a thorough hand wash of the exterior of the vehicle, which will be supplemented by using a detailing clay bar to make sure that all of the exterior contaminants, such as road tar and break dust are removed from the exterior surface of the exterior clear coat. In order to remove minor scratches and light swirls from the exterior of the vehicle, a three phase detailing buffing process is carefully performed as part of this detailing service on the exterior of your vehicle. Obviously, as part of the detailing process, the exterior trim, windows, door lambs, wheel wells, tires, and wheels are all cleaned and protected. After the detailing process is completed, a final liquid carnauba wax is applied to the exterior surface of the vehicle at the end to provide protection.

Engine Compartment,

Although not a part of the exterior of the vehicle, one of the most overlooked areas on any vehicle is the engine compartment, which most often needs to be cleaned and degreased. Look under the hood and you might dirt and dust all over the surfaces of the engine as well as leaves caught in the hood jams. At Toly's Detailing our engine cleaning service will use a powerful foaming degreasing detailing cleaner to shampoo the engine compartment with. This detailing cleaner will loosen all types of grime and remove grease and oil. A high pressure spray will rinse it off and take away the built up salt, sand, and grime in your engine compartment. This detailing cleaner is safe on plastic and rubber hoses.

We can also clean and restore your fog lamps, tail lights, and headlights for maximum visibility with our progressive wet sanding and polishing detailing methods to further enhance the looks of the exterior of your vehicle. In addition to enhancing the appearance of exterior of your vehicle this detailing service will also protect yourself and the exterior of your vehicle while driving at night.
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Exterior Detailing in Sacramento

At any given time in California, there is always a considerable amount of road construction going on, which makes our daily commute full of rock roads and numerous detours. The problem is that there are circumstances when the tar or fresh hasn't yet dried and driving through it results in the exterior of your vehicle being disfigured. Toly's exterior detailing has dealt with these situations numerous times in the past and can confidently report that we have a exterior detailing Sacramento solution. We can the paint or road tar sufficient to remove it by using a solvent based chemical that is safe for the clear coat on the exterior of your vehicle. However, there might also be a requirement to buff and wax the area as a final step to this process as the result of the severity of the detailing removal process of the exterior of the vehicle.

Wet Sanding & Aggressive Buffing

Hard water can be described as water that contains a high level of minerals. A vehicle that is affected by hard water and not quickly treated, it can etch into the exterior clear coat making it almost impossible to remove from the exterior of a vehicle using even the most thorough of all hand washes. Oftentimes, the exterior detailing Sacramento will require a wet sanding method and/or aggressive buffing with a heavy compound to remove the etchings on the exterior of the vehicle. This detailing process can be very tedious and time consuming. You can be confident that we have dealt with this kind of detailing problem in the past and know how to repair the exterior of your vehicle.

Paint Overspray

Some vehicles have over sprayed paint on their exterior. If the front bumper of a vehicle was repainted at the body shop, some of the application of the new paint or the primer might get over sprayed onto another location on the vehicle. You are probably dealing with paint overspray if you rub your hand across the vehicle and notice that it seems to be very rough like sandpaper. The use of an aggressive clay bar is required in order to remove this. A light buffing process and, during the final phase of the exterior detailing, the application of wax might be required as the result of the light scratches that are the result of the clay bar process. We also offer free, no obligation, on site or at our detailing shop estimates.

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