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Car Wash Sacramento

At Toly's Car Wash service in Sacramento, we only use the safest cleaning products to wash your vehicle, our own water and power, and soft space age foam equipment.

Premier Vehicle Washing Service in Sacramento

We have numerous year of experience in the vehicle washing business. We understand that even the best drive through of mechanical car wash system leave a lot to be desired. That is the reason that we only use pressure hand Vehicle washing and dry. We overlook nothing. We service the greater Sacramento metropolitan area and the surrounding communities.

Our customers enjoy the attention to detail that we provide with our unique services at our car wash in Sacramento as well as their shiny, clean vehicles. This is a family owned and operated vehicle washing business that takes great pride in what we do. We are the premier vehicle washing service in the Sacramento area.

Complete Wipe Down and Vacuuming of the Interior of your Vehicle

In addition to washing the exterior of your vehicle, we will also completely wipe down and vacuum the interior of your vehicle to remove any dust and debris. We will clean all of the glass in your vehicle and even empty out the ashtrays in your vehicle. The mats in your vehicle will be scrubbed and carpeted marts will be shampooed. We only use purified water and we also offer a mobile car washing service, which means that we will come to you. We will also wash airplanes, motorcycles, RV's, and boats in addition to cars. No washing job is too large or too small for us.

Pressure Hand Car Wash and Dry

As part of our vehicle washing service, we will also dress all of the plastic items as well as the tires on your vehicle with a protectant dressing that will make them shine like new. Clean glass and shiny tires always make any vehicle look much better.

At our Car Wash Sacramento service, our highest priority is customer satisfaction. That is the reason that if you are unhappy or dissatisfied with any aspect of our car washing service, we will rewash your vehicle for free.

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