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Auto Scratch Removal

Toly’s Detailing knows that the multistage repair process to remove many imperfections in the surface of paint, such as auto scratches are known as compounding or rubbing out. Without having to use touchup paint, this process will simply restore the paint on your auto to its original deep glossy luster.

Scratch Removal

An auto scratch will not only reduce the value of your auto but they also detract from the appearance of your auto. It can be heartbreaking to find that first scratch on your new auto. However, even a major auto scratch doesn’t mean that you need to have your auto repainted. With some work, we can accommodate the removal of any auto scratch.

The first thing that Toly’s Detailing will do before removing scratches is to wash your vehicle. This is done to make sure that there isn’t any loose dirt that can cause additional damage by getting caught in a buffer pad. Although a power buffer will make the process much easier, it isn't necessarily required. We will use a rotary buffer, which takes some getting used to. Our expert auto technicians have numerous years of experience with rotary buffers. This works best, but takes some practice to use properly. However, this is best left to the experts and shouldn’t be attempted by novices.

Next, we will put some good buffing compound on the buffing pad, and work in a shaded area. It is important that the rubbing compound is constantly monitored and the buffing pad not allowed to become dry. A dry buffing pad won't produce the desired results. This buffing pad will be used steadily and slowly.

It will take us five to ten minutes for the removal of each auto scratch. Heavy pressure will be used in the beginning for at the beginning, and then the pressure will be reduced as the scratch becomes less noticeable. The buffer will be kept moving all the time so as not to damage the paint.

Auto Scratch Removal Sacramento

Toly’s Detailing shop serves the greater Sacramento metropolitan area as well as the surrounding communities. With only a minor investment, you can keep your auto looking like it is brand new and save some money in the process. We are the premier scratch removal in the Sacramento area and have gained a reputation of being fair, honest, and reliable.

We are a family owned and operated auto detailing business. Many people find themselves in need of an auto scratch removal service because their auto has been slightly keyed. Others simply have received minor auto scratch from normal wear and tear. Whatever the reason, you can avoid spending large sums of cash by allowing us to perform the removal of your minor or major auto scratch.

We're Experts!

When repaired professionally, nobody will ever be able to tell that there was even a scratch there. Some people try to repair their own auto scratch by using either a can of spray paint or a bottle of touchup paint. This can lead to some rather disastrous results, which cost them more to repair than the removal of the auto scratch would have. Removing auto scratches is best left to the experts.

We also offer free, no obligation estimates. In addition, Toly’s Detailing is also mobile so we can prepare an estimate for the removal of your auto scratch at your home or business or at our shop. Our highest priority is your satisfaction. The majority of our business is either the result of returning customers or referrals by other satisfied customers. Our business objective is to build a long lasting and satisfying relationship will all of our customers. Stop by and see us anytime.

We guarantee 100% Customer Satisfaction to each and every one of our clients. Contact Us for a FREE quote today!


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